by car, by train or on foot, welcome

Here are our descriptions how to best find us.

Besides online guides, which know the long roads, not the most scenic ones :-)




Arrival per car


From highway B4 take the exit: Bad Bevensen 


Follow the main road 'Demminer Allee' into town.


You arrive at the second set of traffic lights at a big crossing.

Turn left.  The street signs say: "Dahlenburg", "Diana Klinik"


Follow this road 'Dahlenburger Straße' up the hill. Almost at the end of town, shortly before the yellow Town sign „Bad Bevensen“, turn left, on to „Alter Mühlenweg“


Left hand side you see "Hotel Fährhaus". Staight ahead you can spot "TreeTrek Kletterpark". YAY.


We have plenty of free parking for your car at the TreeTrek entrance.



Train & walk

A wonderful and varied route,  ca 20 min. 

Adequate too for push chairs & bicycles



From the train station walk straight into the city on the ‚Bahnhof Straße’ until

you arrive at the pedestrian zone. Go across, straight ahead into the street ’Im Hagen'


If you have left yourselves enough time: There are cute shops, lot’s of cafés, home made cakes, ice cream...


At the End oft the street go straight ahead. Follow the wide sandy footway to the river Ilmenau.

Cross the scenic bridge. Straight ahead, take the shallow stairs up the hill. There is an easy alternative without stairs.


At the top, again straight ahead. The street name is ‚Am Klaubusch'. Enjoy walking near the forrest edge.

The paved road makes a turn. You keep walking straight ahead onto the sandy footpath. 

After a short walk you’ll arrive at „Hotel Fährhaus“. 

To your left you can spot the ‚TreeTrek’ adventure park within the forrest. Welcome.




Call a taxi : +049 8521 / 1010, please speak slowly. People will be happy to help. But they are not used to talking english in their everyday life. 



Bus station is directly across the train station

Take Nr: 7075, Bus Stop:  Hotel "Fährhaus", online planner:


People here are very happy to help, just ask.