Welcome to TreeTrek Adventure Park

TreeTrek Adventure Park is one of Germany’s largest Forrest Adventure Parks .

It sit’s within a 6,4 hektar forrest, a beautiful mix of birches, pines and oaks.

We have over 40 climbing elements and all together 650m zip lines.



Unique to us:

At the start you don’t see where your journey will take you in the next 2 hours.

Our individual climbing parcours are specifically tailored to our landscape. You can’t see any of the other parcours, only the one you are climbing on. Very relaxing.


Safely secured you walk from tree to tree, from platform to platform. Each parcours ends with a long zip line. Some say, it’s your reward for all the hard and fun work beforehand. We love flying down the zip lines , ending back at the forrest floor.


In the very spacious territory everybody can climb in their own time, not feeling stressed or pressed for space.



We at TreeTrek want to be able to have time for you and your family/friends.

That’s why registration for appointments in advance is mandatory.

Easy and fast per online registration on our website, you can select your preferred time and date.


You can give us a ring: +049 171 233 0446



The TreeTrek adventure takes up to 3 hours, including hands on safety / climbing instructions.


We love families.

Children 7 years or older with a minimum hight of 135cm are allowed to go climbing together with their parents.

If they want to include their friends, please do. BUT- each and all the kids not your own, have to bring the parental „letter of agreement“We have prepared one for you to print out.


Healthwise : please ask your doctor and get an all clear in writing, if you have any questions in that respite.


Payments possible: in cash;  ec-cash machine with german EC-banking card.

Payments NOT possible: No credit cards, sorry.


Nearly every month we offer special activities in our adventure park. Visit our website and explore.


For escorting family the admittancefee is free.

They can enjoy and relax in the pure forrest air.

Alongside the parcours we created footpaths. You can watch, support an praise your loved ones. Ample opportunities for lot’s of fotos.



We take part in environmental mindfulness: our aim, being mindful of producing waste. 

TreeTrek has drastically reduced it’s own trash production to nearly none.


That’s why we don’t have any litter bins for your rubbish any more. But, you still have your own trash bins at home. Please take your candy wrappers, cookie boxes, paper cups back home with you.


Most people know of our waste commitment and bring their outdoor cups and snacks, picknick in beautiful tupper ware. 



We love to welcome you

Yours TreeTrek Team