All important: Are we open when you visit?

Our Opening times are tailored for out clientele: Weekends and schoolholidays we are nearly always open. Telephone: +049 / 171 - 2330446


Opening times:


During school-holidays, tue-fr: 12.00 - max. 20.00 hours

During school-holidays, Sat, sun: 11.00 - max. 20.00 hours

During school-holidays, mon: closed


School weeks, mon-fr: open on demand, mainly for groups, phone us

School weeks Sat, sun: open 11.00 - max. 20.00 hours


We may close sooner depending on how many people are visiting at the time.



adult: 21€

child / Teen: 16€



We recommend to book a timeslot in advance. Then you can be sure the climbing gear is available at your preferred time slot.


When are kids allowed to climb the trek ? 

What's the minimum age? 7 years

How tall at the least? 135cm

Are they allowed to climb by them selves? No. However they are allowed to climb alongside their parents, since ours are climbing paths built with adults/Teens in mind.

health restrictions: please ask your doctor.

Inform us if there are health issues. For example asthma or diabetes, anxiety, etc.


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